Wellness Storytelling Videography

Traditionally, health education in the Latin America and the Caribbean has been based on storytelling, practical experience and intensive apprenticeships. Within each community there would be different levels of health expertise, from mothers making tea for tummy aches to a regional elder who specializes in advanced levels of disease. Hidden Garden, together with the Rich Coast Project, is creating videos of local people telling their stories of ancestral wellness. With the permission of the their subjects, these videos will be included in the Rich Coast Archive online, with access available though our botanical database when relevant. This project encourages the survival of the traditional health education strategies of storytelling and communal sharing of knowledge for the good of all.

Creating an Ethnobotanical Database

Hidden Garden’s Ethnobotanical Sanctuary is home to over 200 plants which have been used by local people in their wellness and survival traditions. Our nursery is home to many of these plants, available free of charge to local residents. We receive both local and international visitors in the garden, providing an equal opportunity to access traditional information of the area’s ancestors. This project will facilitate the organization of this information and create a multi-lingual, user-friendly database for the garden’s website, to be used by local residents, nursery clients and/or visitors to the garden.

Traditional Latino Herbalism Certificate Course

Traditional Latino Herbalism Certificate Course Latin America has a rich herbal history, combining the ancient wisdom of four cultural traditions – Indigenous, European, African and Asian, into one holistic yet diverse system of healing. Meet with more than ten local folk medicine practitioners, ethnobotanists and conservationists who are working with medicine plants and explore with…

What is Traditional Latino Herbalism?

What is Traditional Latino Herbalism? Using plants to restore health is an ancient tradition common to cultures around the world. Some systems of herbal medicine are more prominent and documented than others. The Spice Trade popularized the use of European culinary and medicinal herbs like rosemary, oregano and basil in Latin America, in addition to…