Hidden Garden Ethnobotanical Sanctuary

Hidden Garden is a living monument to the healing powers of the rainforest.

It is home to over 200 plants that we have collected, as well as the forest wildlife that eat them. It is a sanctuary for humans who come here to reclaim their ancestral wellness traditions. We offer traditional wellness and educational experiences, including classes, tours, wellness coaching, and ethnobotanical gatherings. 

This website contains a number of free wellness traditions resources – a blog, a Rainforest Secrets game and a number of digital libraries. Take a look and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Join us for an amazing week of pure goddess power and healing energy!

Medicine Garden Tour

Explore the garden with a local herbalist

Rainforest Secrets Tour

Magestic Toucan

Wellness Consultations

Discover wellness tools to transform your health!

Wisdom Carriers

Connect with a local elder for guidance and wellness wisdom!

Plant Medicine Conservation at Hidden Garden 


1. Identifying, researching and propagating plants which are identified locally as botanically significant or endangered

2. Supervising research for university students and others studying ancestral ethnobotany.

3. Offering plant material and plant starters for members of the community free of charge

4. Providing digital and onsite libraries to share our research and educational resources.