In 2013, Hidden Garden created a special area for the Smilacaceae Family, which has been exported unsustainably from Central America for almost 500 years. This unique family includes the Cuculmecas (Smilax domingensis or panamensis) and Sarsaparillas (usually Smilax officionalis) which are used to clean the blood, detoxify organs, fight infections and balance the body. We have recently added a collection of Dioscoreas known as White Cuculmecas, including Dioscorea Mexicana, a “Wild Yam”, one of the original ingredients of birth control pills.


The Smilax Conservation Project has the following components:

  1. A botanical collection in the garden of as many Smilax varieties as are available in the area. This area has the correct canopy requirements, drainage and soil conditions for growth.
  2. Ethnobotanical research to determine the correct taxonomy and phytochemistry for each species collected, as well as the historical uses of the family as per geographic area and ethnicity.
  3. Developing networks, including academic, local and social media, leading to the organization of existing efforts and documentation
  4. Online and onsite libraries of relevant resources.
  5. Creating a nursery for the sale and donation of sustainably-harvested rhizome starters.
  6. Creating educational material for local traditional communities to correctly identify their most powerful plants, including the Smilax members, as well as instructions for accessing online research resources.
  7. Together with Rich Coast Project, archiving wellness traditions of the area and promoting legal and scientific literacy for ethnobotanical conservation.

Check out these resources that we have collected during our research!


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