Hidden Garden has been collecting local medicinal plants and the traditions that surround them for over a decade. Come visit our beautiful ethnobotanical sanctuary for a Medicine Garden Tour!

Learn about our conservation efforts, take home cuttings for your garden and discover the amazing plants used for food, as medicine, as spiritual tools, for construction and in daily living. The plants also serve as food to many animals you may see here, including hummingbirds, morpho butterflies, agouti, iguanas, sloth, toucans and monkeys.

Herbalist Guided Tour:  $30 per person *

led by Hidden Garden Teachers

Duration: 60 minutes


*  Children 2 to 17 and Seniors over 65 pay half price

*  Includes a cup of our delicious tea

*  2 person minimum – 30 person maximum

*  Group rates available

*  Payment in U.S. Dollars, Colones or through Paypal

Watch this Video of our Garden Tour

Hidden Garden’s Ethnobotanical Sanctuary is home to hundreds of medicinal plants, which have been used for survival by the ancestors of this land for centuries.