Indulge in a Personal Wellness Experience with one of the talented therapists from our community. They offer a variety of traditional therapies, in many cases blending techniques from across cultures to provide a customized healing session. Read more below, and feel free to contact us for more information if you have any questions.

Rachel Thomas  

Rachel Thomas is an internationally-recognized herbalist, counselor and teacher of ancestral health practices. She’s the founder of the Hidden Garden…

Molly Bragdon empowers her clients to re-align with their highest vibrational selves, supporting them with tools to meet their own…

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Mary Mullen has been leading healing ceremonies for decades. She is a community elder, a Sundancer, a sacred pipe carrier…

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Flora Domenis

Flora Domenis is a Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Therapist, specialized in Lifestyle, Nutrition & Vedic Psychology, with over 27 years…

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Wilfred Cornwall is a local Afro-Costa Rican herbalist, who serves his community and its visitors in the traditional way of…

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Pamela Burditt is certified in the unique and life-changing Arvigo® Therapy (ATMAT). She offers Mayan Uterine and Abdominal Massage, pelvic…

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Clarify your wellness goals and find natural ways to support your body’s healing process, strengthen your physical health, eat better and increase your energy level with support from a Certified Health Counselor. Includes a detailed analysis of medical history, physiological processes, healing goals and personalized recommendations.

First session  :  $80

Follow-ups  :  $60


Allow your body to relax, regenerate, detoxify and repair with a blend of traditional bodywork techniques. We offer therapeutic massage, detox trigger point, reiki, shiatsu and abdominal massage.

1 hour session  :  $60

1 1/2 hour  :  $80


Ayurveda means life knowledge and derives from India. Assessment form, pulse and tongue diagnoses are used to determine your constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). Once this is established, the practitioner will create a complete dietary and lifestyle plan to assist you in maintaining a balanced and healthy life.

Session Cost  :  $100

Duration  :  up to 2 hours

If you would like a session, or have any questions about our personal wellness experiences, please use the form below, write to or call us at +506-8340-8889.

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