Ethnobotany Onsite

Students of Ethnobotany Onsite will spend 3 weeks studying the local, ancestral relationship between plants and human health, in a context of active research and community development. The course offers access to a variety of local teachers, herbalists and leaders who bring to life the details of how plants and humans influence each other’s survival. Students will have the unique opportunity to study with village elders who received their botanical teachings from their ancestors, as well as to participate in ongoing ethnobotanical conservation activities here at Hidden Garden.


July 31 – August 18, 2017

Morning Seminars (2 – 3 Hours):

Taught by Rachel Thomas and community members:

  • Edwin Paterson, local politician, Politics and Cultural Sustainability
  • Veronica Gordon Croocks, herbalist, Shifts over Time in Plant People Relationships
  • Yorine Muiser, activist, Public Policy and Wellness Traditions


Field Trips:

  • All day in Cahuita, Plant Use and Village History, Wilferd Cornwall
  • All day Cachabri, Creating Bri Bri Plant Guide, Ricardo Morales
  • Matina, Ethno-botanical Industry & Conservation, Rafael Ocampo


Weekly Schedule:

Mondays & Thursdays: Field Trips

Tuesday & Friday: Seminars with Rachel

Wednesdays: Seminars with Local Experts

Group & Individualized Study : 10 hours/week



$1500 for all three weeks or $600/week

20% discount for early registration, before May 12th



All course activities, including transport

Shared lodging included,  add $100/week for private room

Only a few meals are included. Our kitchen is available to prepare shared or individual meals




This year’s course will focus on the ethnobotany of the African Diaspora in the Americas and the coming inauguration of Hidden Garden’s Bush Medicine Circle.

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