How are we using donations?

  • Supplies for Hidden Garden’s endangered plants nursery, resource library and the development of the ethonobotanical sanctuary.
  • Research, documentation and dissemination of ethnobotanical information relevant to Hidden Garden’s botanical collection, Caribbean, Bri Bri and/or Costa Rican flora.
  • On-the-job training in ethnobotany and garden management for our 23 year old gardener Maycol Hernandez, who is studying herbalism at Hidden Garden as well as with his family members, and getting his GED at night. Maycol is of Afro-Caribbean and Bri Bri descent. For over a year, Hidden Garden has been subsidizing Maycol’s on-the-job training and motivating him to learn the uses of the plants his grandparents relied on for good health. His interest in pursuing a career in traditional agriculture and ethnobotany is unusual in his neighborhood and in the nearby Indigenous reserve where his grandfather still lives.
  • Scholarship funds to cover local residents’ participation in cultural conservation activities. Hidden Garden’s educational program is one of very few organizations which aim to introduce the traditional medicine of Latin America into mainstream Alternative Medicine. Of equal importance is supporting the survival of these traditions within Latin America, which is why we offer free classes, partial scholarships and work-exchange options to those of Latino or Afro-Caribbean ancestry.
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Thank you so much for taking an interest in our cultural conservation project. Please feel free to learn more about The Caribbean Ethnobotanical Sanctuary, research this topic in our online library , or explore a visit to our center.