HIDDEN GARDEN is located in the majestic rainforest behind the Caribbean beach town of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. It is home to a unique collection of plants that represent the ethnobotany of the area and a research library to promote the academic documentation of local wellness traditions.

We offer wellness services such as health counseling, therapeutic bodywork and botanical therapies, as well as educational activities such as Yoga, Medicine Garden Tour and Traditional Latino Medicine courses. The Hidden Garden provides individualized attention in a tranquil environment for you to make the best out of your transformational vacation.

Rachel Thomas Workshops

A Message from Rachel

I left New York with the intention of connecting with nature and living a more organic lifestyle. Although I had studied herbalism in the U.S, it was living 17 years in Costa Rica that taught me the miracles of Traditional Latino Medicine. Seeing the lack of formal education on this important topic, I dreamed of a wellness center offering research and personal experiences with cultural healing. I want Hidden Garden to be part of a growing movement worldwide to preserve the ancestral knowledge of nature, plants and healthy living.

  • “During my stay at Hidden Garden I was able to restore balance to my life and gained a stronger sense of clarity.”

    – Joy, New York
  • “Working with Rachel was the beginning of a journey towards nourishing myself and my family with food as medicine. She supported me with recipe and ingredient ideas that met the specific needs of each family member. She gave me the confidence to shift my mindset around food, now I am cooking for my family with love, not guilt.”

    Local Herbal Medicine
    – Jen, Colorado
  • “Visiting Hidden Garden has changed my life…with the guidance and support of the amazing practitioners and the awe-inspiring surroundings, I was able to find the solutions to heal my mind and body.”

    – Samantha, United Kingdom