We offer primarily organic and locally grown products, vegan and vegetarian meals, traditional Costa Rican dishes, medicinal meals and food-based cleanses that will convince anyone that healthy eating can be delectably delicious!


Whole Grain Oatmeal cooked in with warming spices and fruit.

Whole Wheat Bread, toasted with butter, jam, peanut butter, avocado and/or honey.

Choice of Seasonal Fruits with yogurt and granola.

Smoothies as you like – fruits, yogurt, green leaves, veggies, seeds, sprouts.


Fresh Seasonal Salad, served with whole wheat bread and butter or avocado.

Gallo Pinto – Traditional rice & beans, served with veggies, eggs or avocado.

Eggs as you like, served with sauteed vegetables and whole wheat toast.


Whole Grain Pasta with vegetables, walnuts, capers in a butter & olive oil sauce.

Brown Rice & Lentils, served with curried vegetables and yogurt sauce.

Hand-made Yellow Corn Tortillas, served with beans, avocado, & cole slaw.

Large Seasonal Salad with seeds and avocado, served with potatoes as you like.

You can choose to receive a customized meal plan for your stay at Hidden Garden, created just for you by a Certified Health Counselor. You fill out a digital intake form, email it to us, review our suggestions, and then when you arrive you just relax and chow down.