Clarify your wellness goals and find natural ways to support your body’s healing process, strengthen your physical health, eat better and increase your energy level with support from a Certified Health Counselor.


Open new channels of communication and foster a healthy relationship with the help of a neutral and supportive guide. The session provides the structure and safe space to clarify obstacles and define realistic goals for manifesting the relationship you both dream of creating.


Receive a customized meal plan for your stay at Hidden Garden, created just for you by a Certified Health Counselor. You fill out a digital questionnaire, email it to us, review our suggestions, and when you arrive just relax and chow down.


Ayurveda means life knowledge and derives from India. Assessment form, pulse and tongue diagnoses are used to determine your constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). Once this is established, the practitioner will create a complete dietary and lifestyle plan to assist you in maintaining a balanced and healthy life.


This traditional Latino therapy offers you an opportunity to sit and talk, and to allow the practitioner to guide you towards clarity and healing. The session may include limpias (cleansing), medicine plants, esencias (energy extracts) or other mental health tools of curanderismo (traditional medicine)


Connect with your subconscious using the ancient art of shamanic voyage through drumming. A qualified guide will assist you with your journey to find answers, a path to wholeness and a mystical door to self-discovery and personal growth.

Counseling sessions are $80 for the initial session, then $60 for follow-ups and last for one hour, with the exception of the Ayurvedic Consultation, which is $100 and last for up to two hours. All other consultations can be purchased in packages of 6 for $300.


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