Hidden Garden has been collecting information about the local medicinal plants for many years. In our field trips to the Bri Bri Indigenous Territory nearby, we have found a lack of access to ethnobotanical research and modern taxonomy. Our project seeks to remedy this situation with our free digital educational tool, which provides scientific taxonomy fort the plants most used by the Bri Bri people of Coastal Talamanca.

Special thanks to the many tribal elders and their families, who have shared their ancestral knowledge with us and allowed their wisdom to be added to the growing virtual educational system that the technological revolution provides.

Our Bri Bri Plant List is a constant work in progress. We invite visitors to add your comments, questions, or even corrections, in the area below the page. If you are familiar with anyone of Bri Bri ancestry please share this cultural conservation tool with them. Thanks!


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Please consider making a donation to Bri Bri Ethnobotanical Conservation!

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Do you have a working smartphone, tablet or other internet ready device that you would like to contribute to our project? All donated devices will be distributed to Bri Bri people who are interested in using our plant list as a resource for their own ethnobotanical research as well as to enhance their eco-tourism services.

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